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Ana Vivas

    • The blood of earth

      A documentary directed by .

      The day when the U.S. oil company OXY announced its intention to exploit the U’wa Indians of Colombia land, they decided to start the fight. Thanks to their determination, they struggle to maintain their land and culture, and were able to loose their life for them. Against globalization, the struggle of the U’wa became the symbol of auniversal problem: the imperialism of capital against the right [...]

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    • Frida Kahlo: between ecstasy and pain

      A documentary directed by , .

      Frida Kahlo, whose work is at the fringes of symbolism and a kind of naïve surrealism, is today considered as one of the greatest artists of all time. Picasso said about her that she surely was the best portraitist of the 20th century. André Breton himself organized one of the [...]

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