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The Epic of Black Gold: the after oil era ep.6/6

A documentary directed by , .



A world is dying but the new one is not born yet. Even if we all know oil is a non-renewable energy, we still don’t really believe it and close our eyes to this reality thus not taking efficient actions to find a solution. Many think -and they may not be wrong- that our technological capacities could save us.

Nevertheless, we will certainly not live as we do now. Colin Campbell (Ireland) founder of ASPO, an association studying the state of oil resources. Nate Hagens (USA) studying economy and environment at Vermont University. Bruce Robinson (Autralie) economist. Edward Schreyer (Canada) expert in hydroelectric technology. Pierre Radanne (France) former head of ADAME. Hervé Hempf (France) author of several books dealing with political ecology. All these people from different circles tell us about what tomorrow’s world will be made of.


The Epic of Black Gold : the serie (6 episodes)

Episode 1 : The Epic of Black Gold: the golden age of the Majors 1/6

Episode 2 : The Epic of Black Gold: oil nationalism 2/6

Episode 3 : The Epic of Black Gold: oil as a weapon 3/6

Episode 4 : The Epic of Black Gold: when all oil’s gone; time of hope or time of despair? 4/6

Episode 5 : The Epic of Black Gold: oil the beginning of the end 5/6

Episode 6 : The Epic of Black Gold: the after oil era 6/6


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