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The Epic of Black Gold: oil as a weapon ep.3/6

A documentary directed by , .



OIL has changed the face of the earth, it has modeled man. Our history, our wars, our living conditions, our standard of living, our working hours, our politics, our basic needs, our lives are totally influenced by oil.

Our aim is to tell this fabulous story of our planet in a cluster of six 52′ films. The series will start at the very beginning in the middle of the 19th century. Technical progress, economy, history, environment and geopolitical strategies will all be examined and analyzed in the telling of a story which is as exciting for man as his own evolution.


The Epic of Black Gold : the serie (6 episodes)

Episode 1 : The Epic of Black Gold: the golden age of the Majors 1/6

Episode 2 : The Epic of Black Gold: oil nationalism 2/6

Episode 3 : The Epic of Black Gold: oil as a weapon 3/6

Episode 4 : The Epic of Black Gold: when all oil’s gone; time of hope or time of despair? 4/6

Episode 5 : The Epic of Black Gold: oil the beginning of the end 5/6

Episode 6 : The Epic of Black Gold: the after oil era 6/6


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