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Salsa Opus: the 5 episodes serie

A documentary directed by .


A unique serie of 5 episodes devoted to the world of salsa and its origins. A musical trip on the American continent from New York to Cuba, crossing Colombia, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.


SALSA OPUS 1 : New York, our Latin thing ep.1/5

In the melting pot of New York, Salsa has achieved the dream of General Bolivar: “To unite under a single banner, in the heart of a single culture people as different as Colombians, Puerto Ricans, and Cubans”. New York Salsa is a profoundly Latin music which has allowed these up-rooted communities to rediscover their cultural identity. Featuring performances by: Henry Fiol, Cuco Valoy, and José Alberto.


SALSA OPUS 2 : Colombia, a tropical country ep.2/5

In Colombia, the already “spicy” Cuban Salsa is enriched with the country’s own traditional music and dances. The two cities of Cali and Barranquilla constantly compete for the title of “Salsa Capital” at their fairs, shows, and carnivals. The old steamboats that once lined the harbours have since beenreplaced by freighters, but these continue to arrive laden with the latest albums of New York Salsa. Each carnival is a celebration of Salsa’s popularity and is honoured with exotic and vibrant murals. In this country ravaged by endemic violence, music has become one of the last expressions of “the good life”. Featuring performances by: Joe Arroyo, Los Niches, and Raices.


SALSA OPUS 3 : Puerto Rico, the island of song ep.3/5

Puerto Rico is the birthplace of the most famous of Salsa idols : Ismaël Rivera. Nicknamed the “Sonero Mayor”, he was the leading promoter of a modern version of one of the richest Caribean folklores : The Bomba. A unique dance music, it is a mixture of African rhythms and Spanish music. Puerto Rico, this great reservoir of New York emigrants, has lived on the artistic creations of the Salsa capital. Featuring performances by: Ismaël Rivera, La Sonera Poncena, and El Gran Combo.


SALSA OPUS 4 : Venezuela, a visa for the barrios ep.4/5

Venezuela has an extremely rich musical past – the rhythms of Soca, Merengue, Calypso, and Steel Bands come together to create a vibrantly original Salsa. But each province has made its contribution – from Barlovento come the drum rhythms of the African community; from Maracaïbo come the followers of Gaïta Zuliana; and from El Callao and the Atlantic coast comes Calypso. Each of these musical influences, whether Afro-Antillais or Latin, have in the Caribbean tradition become integral parts of the c arnivals and dance of Venezuela. Featuring performances by: Oscar D’Leon, Dimension Latina, The Willian Pucci Orchestra, and Complot.


SALSA OPUS 5 : Cuba, rum, rhythm and spice ep.5/5

The history of Cuba lies in the smoke of its tobacco, the sweetness of its sugar, and the rhythms of its music. Guitars and white sugar, drums and black tobacco – ever since the 16th century, these elements have combined to enhance Cuba’s creative ferveur. Today, “afé au lait”, Bongo, Contradanse, Tango, Habanera, Rumba and Creole all come together to create an “exciting” sound… According to the protagonists of this poplular art, Salsa does not exist : these are the sounds of traditional Cuban Music. Here, we discover the famous Cuban Son through a blend of its music, dance, and songs.


Salsa Opus: the 5 episodes serie


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