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Salsa Opus 5: Cuba, rum, rhythm and spice ep.5/5

A documentary directed by .


The history of Cuba lies in the smoke of its tobacco, the sweetness of its sugar, and the rhythms of its music. Guitars and white sugar, drums and black tobacco – ever since the 16th century, these elements have combined to enhance Cuba’s creative ferveur. Today, “afé au lait”, Bongo, Contradanse, Tango, Habanera, Rumba and Creole all come together to create an “exciting” sound… According to the protagonists of this poplular art, Salsa does not exist : these are the sounds of traditional Cuban Music. Here, we discover the famous Cuban Son through a blend of its music, dance, and songs.


A unique serie of 5 episodes devoted to the world of salsa and its origins. A musical trip on the American continent from New York to Cuba, crossing Colombia, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.


SALSA OPUS 1 : New York, our Latin thing ep.1/5

SALSA OPUS 2 : Colombia, a tropical country ep.2/5

SALSA OPUS 3 : Puerto Rico, the island of song ep.3/5

SALSA OPUS 4 : Venezuela, a visa for the barrios ep.4/5

SALSA OPUS 5 : Cuba, rum, rhythm and spice ep.5/5

SALSA OPUS : the 5 episodes serie


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