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Salsa Opus 4: Venezuela, a visa for the barrios

A documentary directed by .


Venezuela has an extremely rich musical past – the rhythms of Soca, Merengue, Calypso, and Steel Bands come together to create a vibrantly original Salsa. But each province has made its contribution – from Barlovento come the drum rhythms of the African community; from Maracaïbo come the followers of Gaïta Zuliana; and from El Callao and the Atlantic coast comes Calypso. Each of these musical influences, whether Afro-Antillais or Latin, have in the Caribbean tradition become integral parts of the c arnivals and dance of Venezuela. Featuring performances by: Oscar D’Leon, Dimension Latina, The Willian Pucci Orchestra, and Complot.


A unique serie of 5 episodes devoted to the world of salsa and its origins. A musical trip on the American continent from New York to Cuba, crossing Colombia, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.


SALSA OPUS 1 : New York, our Latin thing ep.1/5

SALSA OPUS 2 : Colombia, a tropical country ep.2/5

SALSA OPUS 3 : Puerto Rico, the island of song ep.3/5

SALSA OPUS 4 : Venezuela, a visa for the barrios ep.4/5

SALSA OPUS 5 : Cuba, rum, rhythm and spice ep.5/5

SALSA OPUS : the 5 episodes serie


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