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Salsa Opus 2: Colombia, a tropical country

A documentary directed by .


In Colombia, the already “spicy” Cuban Salsa is enriched with the country’s own traditional music and dances. The two cities of Cali and Barranquilla constantly compete for the title of “Salsa Capital” at their fairs, shows, and carnivals. The old steamboats that once lined the harbours have since beenreplaced by freighters, but these continue to arrive laden with the latest albums of New York Salsa. Each carnival is a celebration of Salsa’s popularity and is honoured with exotic and vibrant murals. In this country ravaged by endemic violence, music has become one of the last expressions of “the good life”. Featuring performances by: Joe Arroyo, Los Niches, and Raices.


A unique serie of 5 episodes devoted to the world of salsa and its origins. A musical trip on the American continent from New York to Cuba, crossing Colombia, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.


SALSA OPUS 1 : New York, our Latin thing ep.1/5

SALSA OPUS 2 : Colombia, a tropical country ep.2/5

SALSA OPUS 3 : Puerto Rico, the island of song ep.3/5

SALSA OPUS 4 : Venezuela, a visa for the barrios ep.4/5

SALSA OPUS 5 : Cuba, rum, rhythm and spice ep.5/5

SALSA OPUS : the 5 episodes serie


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