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Music of Pakistan: music of Balouchistan ep.2/2

A documentary directed by .


The Baloutchi people occupy a vast territory covering half of western Pakistan. Faithful to their atavism of nomads, the Baloutchis wander the frontier zones of Afghanistan, the Iranian Khorasan, and the Persian Gulf. Their language and customs bear witness of their Aryan origins. Having converted to Islam very early, the Baloutchis have remained faithful to this religion. This film is a voyage through the twilight of their world, spending long stages with black makranie ethnic groups on the coast, as well as with the mountain derviches. Their tradition of transic exorcism is shown here during nocturnal ceremonies. However, it is always the magic of music and the charm of the musician which operates in this country. Here the music is filmed for the first time in its original form, at the sight of spontaneous manifestations.


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