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Music of Guinea: music of the coast and Fouta-Djalon ep.1/2

A documentary directed by , .


The Republic of Guinea is privileged by its geographical , human and cultural diversity. This country alone is capable of offering the original charasteristics of numerous African musical cultures. The journey begins in Conakry with Soloists and Soussou orchestras, and continues north along the coast with its landscape of coco-palms and mangroves. The population of Baga and Landouma bring out their masks to the rhythm of the seasons and agricultural work . In the Tenda region, various groups such as the Cognagui in the plains, and the Bassari in the hills, prepare real musical theatres to celebrate the initiation of their children . Finally, the counterforts of Fouta-Djalon: this is the country of the sedentary Peuls. Here the altitude reminds us of European scenery. The griots are privileged singers and are particularly fond of flutes, as well as instruments made of skin-covered calabashes fitted with strings.


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