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Heart and Spirit

A documentary directed by .



Heart and Spirit is a travel. This travel follows the route of a particular Tunisian sacred chants group, which performs in families’ home to present the Hebz Al-Latif, the Tunisian tradition. Months after months, this group follows their moments of life. What makes the group particular is first the voice of Ahmed Jelmam, a young sheikh at the origin of the group, then the young age of its members and last fate thanks to which they met the right people, made a CD, whose immediate and unexpected success still surprises them. During this travel we absorb music, chants, rhythms, faces and places. We will discover a form of spiritually which doesn’t take place in a secluded mystical place but nurtures on urban fabric. It is an everyday life spirituality taking place in families’ homes. It reminds us that according to Islam the temporal and the spiritual are not separated.


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