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Gwoka : The soul of Guadalupe?

A documentary directed by , .


Watching this documentary is like travelling in time and plunging ourselves into our universe in order to make us wonder about our cultural identity.

The Gwoka drums have resounded in Guadeloupe ever since the first slaves were brought in. They are deeply rooted in the rural history of the island. This musical tradition, which hasn’t been recognized for a long time, today, symbolizes the population’s recovery of their deepest identity. In greater numbers, a thrilled audience attend the lèwoz performances during which they can watch drummers, singers and dancers challenging each other all night long. For the first time ever a film has managed to capture the historical and social dimension of this music. From lèwoz to lèwoz, from meeting to meeting, it conveys all its richness and its strength.

With Man Soso, Carnot, Henri Délos, Man Geof­froy, Kan’nida, Mario Coco, Napoléon Magloire, Sopta, Armand Acheron, Georges Troupé, Joel Nankin, Jean Marie Lurel, Robert Dieupart


The DVD includes 48 min bonus and a 38 pages booklet about the Gwoka.


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