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Change: history through Guineans’ eyes

A documentary directed by .




What’s happening in Tunisia, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Lybia, Bahrain, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire…?

Guinea has experienced these same events in 2007, but its story has been burked, isolated between an army which has always been close to the regime and the indifference of both the Media and the International Community.

From the biggest revolt of the Guinean population against the military regime in 2007, through the military Coup d’Etat in 2008, to the first “democratic” elections in the Country in 2010. During 4 years Chiara Cavallazzi has followed the Country’s history from the inside, showing us reality as lived by the Guineans and comparing it to the news gave by the Media and the International Community’s interventions.

That’s why “Changement” is not just a documentary about Guinea: seeing this movie helps to understand what’s happening right now all around the world

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