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Boris Pasternak

A documentary directed by .



Boris Pasternak’s name is most of the time associated with Dr Zhivago’s one. This writer suddenly knew a worldwide fame after he was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1957. When he died three years after that he was almost unknown. Who was Boris Pasternak ? The film – which follows his writings like a compass, to take us through the centurymakes us discover the work of this great Russian poet and novelist. The filmmaker has shot pictures of eternal Russia ; its rugged men and snowy landscapes. He filmed the places where Pasternak had lived. He met his son Eugenia who showed him his personal archives and thousands of pictures. The music of Tchaikovsky and Scriabin, which the young Pasternak had a real passion for, echoes with his poems and his prose and contributes to the making of a lively portrait of this exceptional man.


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